1. illustration for The Lifted Brow issue #23.
    for a piece called ’The Offender’ by Emily Meller.


  2. one of the side banner things i drew for the latest advicecomics spread in the lifted brow
    available for preorder on their website HERE.

    this time we got new columncomics from Guest Columnist Harold Hill (Edie Fake), Mulbert (drawn by Ben Juers & written by Andrew Connor) and Dr. Entrails (Walker Mettling). 


  3. illustration for Overland issue #215.
    for a story called 'Boonie' by Fikret Pajalic.
    overland is a real amazing journal.


  4. Anonymous said: Dear Mr Ray, I am what you would call an 'emerging writer', but I have been for the best part of a decade. When do I know that I've fully emerged? What happens if I stop emerging? Will I retract?



    Advicecomics Columnist: Mr. Ray


  5. Advice Comics







    Do you need advice? Why not get advice from Advice Comics? Just check out the columnists and choose your favorite advisor.

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    ooohyeah! meathaus is the best.


  6. one of the two banners i drew for the advicecomics spread that’s in the latest issue of the lifted brow. now available through their online store.

    new columncomics from:




    all in full colour on that nice newspaper stuff. 


  7. "Mould Map 3: A Review", by Marc Pearson




    When my futurechildren find my rotting corpse in their futurehouse, I expect they will experience shock, then grief, then pleasure, but not pleasure derived from having seen the rotting body of their father, more of a pleasure brought on by the finding of this comic book anthology, Mould Map 3, which I have left to them, in their futurehouse, next to my rotting corpse.

    “What a gift” they might say as they leaf through the pages for the first time, much like I did, 400(?) years ago, with my friend Michael Hawkins (pictured below).

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  8. aaron billings draws mulbert over at advice comics! 
    (mulbert is written by becausegoodbye)





  9. new columncomic up over at advice comics



  10. [larger]

    12 year-old Mei Teimeyer’s DOLF character sheet, followed by my 12 page comic based on it.
    this was printed last year in the providence comics consortium's Classic Characters 1, which is still available to buy HERE.

    sometime in the future, PCC are putting out a whole book of mei’s comics called Tarantulina, and i’m probably gonna do another dolf comic for that and maybe some coooool trading cards too. 

    sorry if this was really long on people’s dashboards. 
    i hate me too.